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Dojo Rules


Shoshin Nagamine

Rules & etiquette that must be followed when training karate these are as follows:

  • Bow when entering & leaving the dojo

  • Remove shoes when entering the dojo

  • Address all instructors as sensei (teacher)

  • Permission must be obtained before leaving the class

  • Any member arriving late must bow in a kneeling position & raise their hand & wait for permission to join in the class

  • Finger & toenails must be kept short & clean

  • Gi's (karate uniform) must be kept clean & in good condition, sleeves & trouser legs be the right length & are not to be rolled up

  • Jewelry must not be worn during training, if a ring etc cannot be removed, it must be taped up

  • Members must not swear, spit, chew gum or undertake any action likely to offend the etiquette of the dojo

  • Always try your best, spirit is more important than strength or technique

  • Members must use control when undertaking partner work

  • Cell phones must be on vibrate or turned offwhen training.

Dojo Rules (Juniors)

Only practice Karate when you are on the Floor.

  • No horseplay or fooling around in the Dojo at any time.

  • Do not talk or goof off during class.

  • Raise your hand to ask a question.

  • Call the instructor “Sensei”.


NOTE: The following guidelines are instituted primarily for the safety and protection of Karate-ka.


IMPORTANT: Guests are not permitted to be in class while class is in session so as to minimize distraction to students. Wishing to observe while class is in session are requested to do so in complete silence. Cell phones must be on vibrate or turned off.

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