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Karate for Kids (6-14)

Shorin Ryu Karate for Kids. Our style is based on traditional Okinawa Karate. Karate teaches important personal character traits including friendship, perseverance, self control, confidence, balance, endurance, range of motion, coordination, flexibility, self improvement, courtesy, self awareness, respect, integrity, self esteem and dedication.


We teach children practical karate, easy to learn self-defense techniques based on life encounters, with a focus on restraint and responsibility so you'll know your child will apply their training only as a last resort to defend themselves.


We take pride in training children in a fun and safe environment. Our Karate program uses traditional belt system to track your child's progress. Each child starts with a white belt as they advance they move on to color belts, some with stripes. The Stripes will be awarded after successful testing and applied onto the child's belt so he or she can be proud of their achievement! We then show children how to blend these skills for real life and progress as they move to higher level.


Our curriculum is designed to allow children to learn the curriculum at their own pace whether they attend every class during the week or only one.


We have many parents that take classes with their children, family plans available.

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